Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Personal Information Needed

We are submitting a prosal to the Conflux Festival '07 in Williamsburg, NY in the beginning of Setember.

The proposal is based on a confession booth where willing participants will confess their sins and in response, one of our members will give them a suggestion to repent based on an act that is community based and/or art related.

Afterwards the participant will recieve a postcard and be asked to return it to us, checking off whether or not they chose to repent with our suggestion or if they came up with something similar to do themselves.

The confession booth will be designed with wood or aluminum and dark curtains will enclose the rectangular form that we have built. A divider will be inside the booth to separate the sinner from the group member.

We will be documenting the project with a hidden video camera placed inside the booth concealing the person who is confessing. We will include a sound element equal to ambient chanting to set the mood for the piece - and be recording the voices of both the PIN member and the participant.

Friday, April 20, 2007

ATM Prank in France

Today, Friday -4/20/07 - PIN group members in France at The Mal au Pixel Festival in Paris, are performing an ATM prank that is similar to the one our NY members did in January. I will be posting information and pictures as i recieve them. A video will also be documenting the prank. Check back in a for the exciting documentation of this event!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


On January 18, 2007 - PIN...Collective performed a prank in a Citibank ATM lobby on 16th St. & 8th Ave. in Manhattan. We called this project "Pranks Involving Nothing". The members collected discarded ATM receipts stamped them with our logo and recycled them into a new form "the paper airplane". We then installed close to 100 planes into the lobby of the bank on the countertops & terminals and left flyers around describing how-to make your own paper airplane using your ATM receipt to add to our installation. The entire process lasted about 4 hours from the making of the planes, the installation, to the dismantling of the exhibit by the banks clean up crew. We documented the event with photographs and videotape. We then collaborated and transformed the prank into a audio/visual composition using the videotaped source material into recognizable and unrecognizable images - and in essense removing the actual event from it's original context and reducing and simpifying the form. The link to that video is :
PIN members involved in Citibank ATM Prank:
Fluffy, N.Y.
Radek Szczensny, N.Y.
Oscar Alzate, N.Y.
Brynna Tucker, N.Y.
Lauren Cameron, N.Y.
Max Sarrazin, Ca.
Matt Waugh, N.J.
David Lepolard, France


PIN....Collective was invited to do a performance and installation at the Build/Decay show at TANK in NYC on February 17 , 2007. The project involved stamping our logo on sticks of gum, wearing white tee-shirts with 4 holes cut out and black shirts underneath so that we could be identified and handing out the sticks of gum to the audience instructing them to chew the gum and when finished place the gum on a wood panel hung on the wall of the sound booth platform. We decided to leave the placement and ultimate design of the panel with the chewed gum up to the participants - thereby giving up the control of the piece and handing it over to the people at the event. The panel was discarded the day after the event. We videotaped and took pictures to document the process of the performance and installation. We "built" an idea - created a performance - installed a panel for the participants to create an art piece and then the chewed gum and ultimate demise of the panel itself became the "decay".
PIN Members involved in the TANK performance & installation:
Fluffy, N.Y.
Radek Szczesny, N.Y.
Oscar Alzate, N.Y.
Jim Hoey, N.Y.
Max Sarrazin, Ca.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


In the year 2006, NY artist Fluffy developed the idea of forming a collective of professional artists from around the U.S. and abroad to collaborate on art pranks, performances , installations and audio/visual projects. This concept proved successful when a number of approximately 25 artists came together as a response to this call - most from the NY metropolitan area and some from R.I., San Francisco, CA. and abroad, in France and other parts of Europe. These art professionals of various disciplines, each of whom were bringing their own unique ideas to share became the group know as PIN ....collective. The words used to stand for the acronym PIN are always changing based on the projects concept and how we chose to communicate it - the 4 dot logo is used to reference both the security feature as disquise for a password and the literal meaning "and so on ....".